The Green Girl

The faint sound of sweet music floated through the musty air like the dotted trail of a bee. The shafts of afternoon light falling through the library’s nearly ceiling-high windows drew attention to shelf L1.  I soaked in the sunlight as I browsed through Langford’s works. The music faded away, but then I heard it... Continue Reading →


He was engulfed by the darkness. He could not see or move or think. His eyes burned, as did his insides. He was confused, but it was more than the usual daze – he felt, for the first time in a long time, fear. He could still hear the sound of the gas escaping from... Continue Reading →

The Minutes Before…

There was a chaotic buzz in the air, with people scrambling for their suitcases and children. One did not realise how packed an airport was until everyone was gathered by the exit and entry gates or moving towards them. Approximately three minutes ago there had been an announcement asking us to leave the premises due... Continue Reading →

Two Knives

It is only in movies that the weather mimics the mood of the protagonist, and the ongoing plot, but today it seemed to share the agony of the people of the city. It fell down in sheets, as if of metal, landing hard and with loud ‘pats’ on the ground. It showed no less force... Continue Reading →

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