The Green Girl

The faint sound of sweet music floated through the musty air like the dotted trail of a bee. The shafts of afternoon light falling through the library’s nearly ceiling-high windows drew attention to shelf L1.  I soaked in the sunlight as I browsed through Langford’s works. The music faded away, but then I heard it... Continue Reading →


He was engulfed by the darkness. He could not see or move or think. His eyes burned, as did his insides. He was confused, but it was more than the usual daze – he felt, for the first time in a long time, fear. He could still hear the sound of the gas escaping from... Continue Reading →

Two Knives

It is only in movies that the weather mimics the mood of the protagonist, and the ongoing plot, but today it seemed to share the agony of the people of the city. It fell down in sheets, as if of metal, landing hard and with loud ‘pats’ on the ground. It showed no less force... Continue Reading →

The Recruitment

As soon as I saw my results, my mind filled with confusion. This was not supposed to happen. How could it? How could they recruit me for a job I loathed? Yet, there it was, printed in black ink on the thin sheet of paper to which my face bore witness, as it artfully mirrored... Continue Reading →


Nightmares consumed her. They devoured her, night after night, after week after month. And there was no running away. Since she had been locked up, all that came back to her were flashes of her life, like fragments of broken glass, torturing her, confusing her beyond logic. All that she remembered was enough to haunt... Continue Reading →


He was filled with fear when he realised he would never see an ordinary human being again. He was probably going to die anyway. For how long could he possibly live in a room the size of his former closet? It was not only small but also infested with three strange bugs which made clicking... Continue Reading →

Blood Spilt Over the Brownstones

The police officer stood outside the interrogation room, waiting for the arrival of the police car with a murder suspect, impatient and frustrated. After a considerable lack of sleep and precisely forty-three hours of working on this case, they had finally captured the top suspect in the murder of Kaitlynn Brownstone. The only factor that... Continue Reading →

Forever and Beyond

Jemma’s eyelids were heavy with sleep and her body fatigued and aching after a day full of melancholic news and sorrowful goodbyes. The topography of her life was going to change forever, in a mere seven hours. Reality was setting in in its entirety, more heavily than it had prior to this day. Now, as... Continue Reading →

The Whisper

The hollow metal tube did not have any ventilation, yet she felt a cool breeze against her skin. She could feel the cold, hard metal of the table beneath her, and the thin white sheet covering her. She waited, for she had no other option. The camera attached to the ceiling on the left side... Continue Reading →

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